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Screenshot from Namibia Today, 2018

Laura Horelli Changes in Direction

February 21 – March 27

Our screening room reopens its virtual doors with a selection of works by artist Laura Horelli. Namibia Today, Interviews 2017–2019, and Newstime will offer an insight into Horelli’s practice during the weeks preceding the presentation of her new publication Changes in Direction – a Journal at the end of March

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Upcoming Events in Milano ↓

Photo from Saga di ZimmerFrei

Filmon Yemane Talk

Saturday, March 6, 2021, 17.00-18.00 UTC+1

In the context of the artist, Muna Mussie’s residency at Archive Milan, Filmon Yimane will speak about the recent violence in Tigray, Ethiopia’s border region with Eritrea, through the lens of the intertwined history of the region over the last twenty years. 

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Archive Books is pleased to announce its participation to Printed Matter’s first Virtual Art Book Fair (PMVABF) with the first publication China as an Issue in collaboration with Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum. The Fair will stage the launch of the first ePub book in the series China as an Issue that will be available for download on our website and on Printed Matter’s platform until February 28. 

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Listen to Carol Yinghua Lu in conversation with Archive Books’ editor Paolo Caffoni. They talk about “having to explain oneself” when confronted with expectations, language and translation, the illusion of the art market in China, the process of depoliticisation after 1989, nationalism and self-criticism, looking for complicity and alliances, contemporary art and the Cultural Revolution.

China as an Issue

Artistic and Intellectual Practices Since the Second Half of the 20th Century

China as an Issue is an ongoing lecture series organized by the Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum since 2018. Chinese scholars are invited to discuss topics related to China or the world, as well as foreign scholars to speak about China or international questions involving the subject of China. Through rigorous scrutinization of a specific issue we try to avoid making generalizations as well as the parochial tendency to reject extraterritorial or foreign theories in the study of domestic issues. The attempt made here is not only to see the world from a local Chinese perspective, but also to observe China from a global perspective. By calling into question the underlying typology of the inside and the outside we consider China as an issue requiring discussion, rather than already having an established premise.

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Muna Mussie Curva (2019) Photo by Luca Ghedini.

Artist in Residency Milan
With Muna Mussie

“The concept of trespassing is close to me because it relies on my roots-uprooted. I belong to a feeling of de-construction, of non-belonging that is the filter with which I look, live, and operate; the constant search for aesthetic cohesion is my daily, salvific exercise.”

—Muna Mussie

January 29th to March 31th

Artist Muna Mussie has been invited to explore the intersection of her own artistic pursuit with the instances of the long-term research project (Re)membering and (Re)grounding, conceived by Archive with artist and researcher Alessandra Ferrini. For the next two months Muna Mussie will reside at Archive new site in Milano.

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Past events




Undercommons. Pianificazione fuggitiva e studio nero is the first book of the series Ante-politics published with Tamu Edition. In this essential book, Stefano Harney and Fred Moten draw on the theory and practice of the black radical tradition as it supports, inspires, and extends contemporary social and political thought and aesthetic critique.

Archive Milano

Archive Milano


Through its new site in Milan, Archive strives to challenge and unravel a monolithic idea of Italy based on the assertion of whiteness. Archive is a space of intertwining trajectories, taking into account a plurality of art, cultural and political forms, histories, legacies, and perspectives—among them, Milan’s anti-fascist tradition and its support of anti-colonial struggles.

On Fragments and Historical Erasure

On Fragments and Historical Erasure


Archive is thrilled to begin its activities in Milan with a talk on archival research, anti-colonial militancy, and processes of historical erasure by artist and researcher Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa. In her talk she unraveled the lines of inquiry driving her project Carrying Yours and Standing Between You, that presents her research into the life of the revolutionary Pan-Africanist Amy Ashwood Garvey.

Where is Cinema?

Where is Cinema?


Archive Books presents the new publication of Anouk de Clercq at Wolf Kino. This book is compiled of portraits of film initiatives from around the world, interwoven with conversations with adventurers who have rebooted movie theatres or built them up from the ground, in the hope that it can be an inspiring compendium for future cinema builders, filmmakers, film curators and film lovers.

Long Term Projects

Ban + AWU + Archive

A growing number of Archive’s members are grounded in Dakar. Aspiring to collaborate more continuously with a constellation of practices rooted in the region, Archive has thus decided to have a base in the city. This new space has been made possible by our sister organization Ban Workshop, an independent pottery workshop initiated by Imann Gaye and a collective of artists, potters, and social workers based in Dakar. Ban is a space developing the potential for pottery to be considered as emancipatory practice. Ban will also be the home of AWU, a feminist radio that brings together voices of African women addressing topics and issues such as identity, gender, and sexuality from a feminist, queer, anti-colonial, and pan-Africanist perspective. AWU and Archive will be running a feminist documentation with an archive and a library at the Ban Workshop, where women can meet, read, and exchange stories. The library will be the backdrop for a series of workshops and seminars around forms of publishing. 

Wild tongues

Wild tongues* is a recurring space for reflection and dialogue concerned with many kinds of borders – borders between nations, cultures, classes, genders, languages. This long-term research endeavor will stretch across various geographies and temporalities and will manifest itself in multiple forms. While addressing the complexities of the borderlands, of diasporic politics, physical and internal displacement, cultural dislocation and hybridity, production of Otherness, and the violence of border regimes – Wild tongues intend to establish a space to enact and rehearse forms of togetherness, radical care, and conviviality. The project draws from a genealogy of feminist writers, amongst them Gloría Anzaldúa whose work inspired the title, Cherríe Moraga, María Lugones, Chela Sandoval, Mariana Ortega, Emma Pérez. Wild Tongues will be launched in 2021.

* “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” in Gloria Anzaldùa, Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, 1987.