Curatorial ensemble: Chiara Figone, Paz Guevara, Beya Othmani
Research: Onur Çimen, Aby Gaye, Amelie Jakubek, Emanuela Maltese
Publication display: Archive Inventory
Spatialisation: Ola Zielinska
Graphic Design: Untitled Duo (Soukaina Aboulaoula & Yvon Langué) in collaboration with Archive Appendix
Installing and tech: Rey Domurat and Nancy Naser Al Deen
Communication: Matilde Doni
Documentation: Iman Salem
Carpentry: Santiago Doljanin, Willem van den Hoek, Melwin Neumann

Publishing Practices #1

Study days

With and Against Archives



Saturday, 15.01.2022,

14-11 PM (CET)

4 pm – 5.30 PM
Collective Publishing Practices
With Aziza Ahmad, Malab Alneel, Leila Bencharnia, Iman Salem and Dior Thiam
Moderated by Yaniya Lee
5.30 pm  6.30 pm
With Aziza Ahmad and The Many Headed Hydra (Emma Haugh and Suza Husse)
6.30 pm  7.30 pm
Neither spices nor species
Bilingual reading Spanish/English
With Marcela Moraga
8 pm  9 pm
Braiding Braiding
Transactional space
With Nontsikelelo Mutiti
9 pm  10 pm
La Vida en Rojo
by Julia Mensch
10 pm  11 pm
Sound Performance
by Leila Bencharnia and Omar Gabriel Delnevo
These Study days are a part of Publishing Practices, a yearly program committed to an expanded idea of publishing, which intends to open a collective publishing space for action, reflection, study, intervention and multisensorial encounter. Publishing Practices #1 – This Bridge Can Get Us There (2021-2022) is curated by Chiara Figone, Paz Guevara and Beya Othmani. These study days are conceived by Chiara Figone and Paz Guevara.
Please find information on Publishing Practices here.
Publishing Practices is funded by the Capital Cultural Fund (HKF).

Ongoing Projects in Berlin

Publishing Practices

From 2021 onward, Archive, in dialogue with other publishers, will set up a learning site for radical publishing. Based on the premise that the written word in its “published” form continues to exist within hegemonic systems of knowledge, we believe that publishing needs to be critically scrutinized with regard to its function to render visible, mediate, amplify, and disseminate — addressing such critique through the prism feminist and decolonial theories and practices. Archive is conducting a series of preparatory sessions in 2020 which bring together practitioners from different regions. These groups will contribute to a transdisciplinary and transnational exchange, posing the question of how and for which purpose national and disciplinary modes of interaction can be overcome through publishing. The acts of translation necessary for these debates will be integral subject matter of Publishing Practices.

Part of a series of preparatory sessions for the ongoing initiative Publishing Practices. Organized in concert with Atelier Picha, Lubumbashi.

A sessions in Accra in connection with CritLab organized by Foundation for Contemporary Art-Ghana. (tbc)

Part of the series of preparatory gatherings for Publishing Practices, this session connect with the project In search of archives and it’s organized in concert with Les Archives Bouanani, Rabat.

Last gathering for Publishing Practices in 2020, this session activates the feminist library run by Radio AWU and Archive in Dakar.