Archive is a community of practice that spans across a multitude of social and cultural contexts, in/formed by the understanding of how imaginaries and occurrences in one place can affect another. The experience of co-thinking and co-producing through sustained conversations allows us to bring multiple voices, positions and urgent issues to the forefront of each of our propositions. From its inception in Berlin ten years ago, Archive has transformed into a decentralized organization shaped by a manifold of cultural practitioners living in Berlin, Cairo, Dakar, London, Marrakech, Milan, New York, Paris, Tunis. Since 2020, our multifaceted program is articulated across three main sites – Berlin, Dakar, and Milan – also reflecting our collaborative ethos.

In Berlin, we are sharing space with SAVVY Contemporary, a sister organization focused on nurturing new forms of imagination and practices based on sharing, co-learning, and cohabitation, moved by radical care and love. In Dakar, we are teaming up with Ban workshop, a collective of artists, potters, and social workers, as well as AWU a radio addressing issues such as identity, gender, and sexuality from a feminist, queer, anti-colonial, and pan-Africanist perspective. In Milan we are joining local and national organizations actively working on making visible and counteracting the legacies of colonialism and fascism, fighting systemic racism and processes of Othering.

Current space in Berlin
September 2020—

Reinickendorfer Straße 17
13347 Berlin

Current space in Milan
December 2020–

via Tertulliano 70
20137 Milano


Müllerstraße 133, 13349 Berlin


Dieffenbachstraße  31, 10967 Berlin