Ines Schaber, Notes on Archives

Ines Schaber, Notes on Archives

8.00 pm
with a conversation between Reinhard Braun and Ines Schaber

Notes on Archives 1–5

Notes on Archives is a series of publications by artist Ines Schaber about archives and the practices we conduct in relation to them. Produced over the course of more than ten years, the publications feature a series of case studies, research, concrete projects, and reflections on the questions and problems that image archives pose today. The aim of the work is not to find or create another institutional archive per se, but to develop a practice in which the set of problems that archives produce is in fact part of the process one engages in.

At this occasion we will launch the volumes:

Notes on Archives 1
Obtuse, flitting by, and in spite
of all—image archives in practice

Notes on Archives 2
Culture Is Our Business

Notes on Archives 4
Dear Jadwa