A reading from Sci-Fi literature

A reading from Sci-Fi literature


On the occasion of Gitte Villesen’s exhibition I stick my hands into the earth, and I think for a while there was a reading of sequences from Sci-Fi literature on May 26th 2017.

Emma Haugh and Tahani Nadim were in different ways involved in the development of the work deeply immersed in the content of a learning stone, which is part of the current exhibition at Archive Kabinett. I therefore asked them to join me in a reading and retelling of sequences from Sci-Fi literature.

Almost all of my works have been based on stories told or retold by others. The latest work contains several references to feminist Sci-Fi literature, a genre that all three of us share an interest in. With this reading I would like to explore how we can create a conversation based on a collage of stories, quotes and retellings.

—Gitte Villesen

Emma Haugh is an artist. In the first chapter of deeply immersed in the content of a learning stone, Emma talks about Octavia Butler and her writings. http://www.emmahaugh.com/

Tahani Nadim is a sociologist of science and runs the slighty clandestine research department Bureau for troubles at the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin. As part of my research and in search of the story in the film, Tahani and I had a long talk in the mineral collection exhibition hall at the Museum für Naturkunde. This is the same room in which the recordings with Emma took place. https://www.naturkundemuseum.berlin