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An evening to present the latest issue of Rab-Rab. Journal for political and formal inquiries in art and the activities of Rab–Rab Press. The journal will be introduced by its editor, Sezgin Boynik and several contributors will be at Archive Kabinett to discuss the contents.

Rab-Rab is an English language journal dealing with political and formal inquiries in art, published bi-annually in Helsinki by Rab-Rab Press under the direction of Sezgin Boynik and Gregoire Rousseau.

The common denominator of the texts published in the first issue (October 2014) is language; or more precisely the code, index, syntax, grammar, and other formal properties of language. Issue of language was the starting point for the editors because it is the field where ideological operations become most visible.

The second issue of Rab-Rab is in two volumes, all together in 500 pages. The focus of the second issue is “noise against culture.” The contributions deal with the formal theory of noise, politics of contradictions, the device of estrangement, materialist film, music and violence, Futurism, Russian avant-garde, improvisation, void, heterophonies, swearwords, communism, ideologies of marriage, class wars and electricity. Departing from our programme based on the understanding of art practice as a confrontation between formal and political inquiries, our aim in this issue is to use noise as the name for this difficult, disturbing, loud and coercive exploration. In many cases the formal and political aspects of noise are two separate things: the former is seen as an issue of information or perception, whereas the latter is usually reduced to a metaphor of spontaneity. But if we change these parameters of discussing the noise from measurable coefficients of failed communication, or from elusive metaphors of contingencies, towards the conceptual references related to ideology and class struggles, then what is understood as noise turns into something else. It can become a valid concept of inquiry, refusing to be pinpointed to conventional academic banalities silly phenomenological artistic fantasies immersed in.




Previous issue out of print:
Rab-Rab. Journal for political and formal inquiries in art. Issue 01
Edited by Sezgin Boynik and Gregoire Rousseau
Contributors: Sezgin Boynik, Diego Bruno, Michel Chevalier, Marcel Dickhage, Minna Henriksson, Vladan Jeremic, Shinji Kanki, Susan Kelly, Gal Kirn, Kalle Lampela, David Muoz, Rena Rädle, John Roberts, Gregoire Rousseau, Cathleen Schuster, Niloufar Tajeri, Manuela Unverdorben, Eetu Viren, Giovanna Esposito Yussif. read more




Two-volume issue launched at Archive Kabinett
Rab-Rab. Journal for political and formal inquiries in art. Issue 02
Edited by Sezgin Boynik and Gregoire Rousseau
Contributors for volume A: Dror Feiler, Mazen Kerbaj, Ozren Pupovac, Ben Watson, Michel Chevalier, Jean-Claude Moineau, Taneli Viitahuhta, Henrik Heinonen, Grégoire Rousseau, Bruno Besana, Ivana Momčilović, François Nicolas.
Contributors for volume B: Darko Suvin, Anthony Iles, Grupa za Konceptualnu Politiku, Mattin, Jyrki Siukonen, Rahel Puffert, Martin Krenn, Jaakko Karhunen, Max Ryynänen, Antti Eskelinen – Eze, Gert Raeithel, Aeron Bergman, Alejandra Salinas, Milica Tomić, Christine Delphy, Peter Gidal, Giovanna Esposito-Yussif, Kari Yli-Annala and Sezgin Boynik. read more



Since the launch at Archive a new issue is now available
Rab-Rab. Journal for political and formal inquiries in art. Issue 03
Edited by Sezgin Boynik and Gregoire Rousseau. Contributors: Bini Adamczak, Marc Angenot, Alain Badiou, Sezgin Boynik, Diego Bruno, Igor Chubarov, Roque Dalton, Ralf Hamman, Vladan Jeremic, Ketevan Kinturashvili, Gal Kirn, Aino Korvensyrjä, Kalle Lampela, Kazimir Malevich, Ilya Orlov, Alejandro Pedregal, Martina Mino Perez, Judith Polett, Rena Rädle, John Roberts, Kerstin Schrödinger, Alberto Hijar Serrano, Caspar Stracke, Darko Suvin, Niloufer Tajeri, Vahit Tuna, Margaret Tupitsyn, Manuela Unverdorben, Elina Vainio, Ben Watson. read more