Mathilde ter Heijne Performing Change

Mathilde ter Heijne  Performing Change


Performing Change, a collection of conversations and writings, was published by Museum für Neue Kunst, Städtische Museen Freiburg and Sternberg Press on the occasion of ter Heijne’s survey exhibition by the same title. The publication explores the evolving concept of community and participatory art projects. Contributors will discuss their involvement with the publication and share subjective views and insights.

A new edition of Women To Go (2005-ongoing) postcards will be on display alongside with table vitrines featuring I Got the Sun in the Morning (2013-ongoing).

Women To Go is an evolving post-card series by the artist that presents biographies on women from the 19th century who achieved significant advances for feminism. These biographies are paired with images of unknown women from the same period.

I Got the Sun in the Morning is an ongoing artwork that showcases items produced by a selection of women, gleaned from the postcard series Women to Go. These items include authored books, musical compositions, astronomical photographs, and antiques originals that offer an additional point of entry into the lives of the featured 19th century “pioneer” women.

On the occasion of the launch of the book, Archive Kabinett hosted a conversation between Mathilde ter Heijne, Amy Patton, Michael Birchall, Janne Schäfer, Santiago da Silva, Vanessa Gravenor, and Sophia Trollman.

Performing Change is published by Sternberg Press.